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Dottybacks are a Class of fish available to the player in Tap Tap Fish: Abyssrium. Most of them are unlocked by owning Orange Cup Coral and creating any combination of 5 Angels. They are the seventh Class of fish in the game, and 3 of them are required to unlock Butterflies. There are currently 4 Normal species (1 of which is hidden) and no event variants.

Shape and Size[]

Dottybacks appear largely similar to Gobies, being long and thin. However, they are slightly taller and wider. Their eyes are very small, and their mouths are even smaller. They have a small pectoral fin on each side of their body, just behind their eye, and a similarly-sized pelvic fin, the size and shape of which varies from species to species. Their dorsal fin, starting just behind their head, stretches all the way to the back end of their body. On the underside, starting around halfway down the body, is an anal fin, resembling the dorsal fin on their tops. Their tail fins are small and somewhat elongated.


Dottybacks tend to stick to the lower middle area of the screen, sometimes swimming sharply upwards, but almost always returning to a lower altitude. They may swim off of the edges of the player's field of view, but this is rare. They are a relatively fast fish, and sometimes speed up or slow down of their own accord. When the player taps their bubbles for Vitality or Event currency, they will almost double their speed, like all other fish in the game.

<tabber> Normal Species=

Royal Dottyback
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Orchid Dottyback
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Diadem Dottyback
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Springer Dottyback
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