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Damsels are a Class of fish found in Tap Tap Fish: Abyssrium. They are actually made up of two separate types of fish, Damsels and Chromis. Most of them are unlocked by owning any combination of 5 Tangs and owning Pearly Anemone. They are the fifth class of fish available to the player in the Saltwater Tank, and 3 of them are required to unlock Angels. There are currently 9 normal species (2 of which are hidden) and 1 event variant.

Shape and Size[]


Damsels are a relatively small fish, being diminutive in the width, length, and height categories. Their body shape, unusually, varies very slightly from species to species. They have an angular body, with a relatively blunt head and a large, beady, black eye. Below their head is a pelvic fin, the color of which varies from species to species. Behind and below its eye on each side of its head is a small pectoral fin, sometimes almost transparent. Their dorsal and anal fins are symmetrically arranged just in front of its tail fins, both having some shape of transparent area on them. Their small mouths are on the front of their head, just in front of and below their large eyes.


Chromis are slightly larger than Damsels, but their body shape varies more. Their fins, mostly the same as Damsels' fins, have more transparent areas to them, as opposed to having solid borders. Their bodies incorporate less sharp angles than Damsels.


Damsels and Chromis will swim around the tank at a relatively fast rate, often swimming straight up and down and displaying other such shows of acrobatics. They prefer to stick close to the Lonely Corallite, even clipping through parts of it at times. They prefer to swim in the higher and middle parts of the screen, but can and will swim around the back and especially sides of the Lonely Corallite. When tapped for Vitality or event currency by the player, they will speed up a considerable amount, a characteristic shared by all creatures in the game.


  • Most of the designs for Damsels in-game are based off of the juvenile versions of their real-life counterparts.
  • This Class is the first in the game to be made up of more than one type of fish.