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Clownfish are a class of fish found in Tap Tap Fish: Abyssrium. The non-hidden species are unlocked by owning Fragile Staghorn Coral. They are the first fish that the player can unlock in the Saltwater Tank, and 5 of them are required to unlock Gobies. Currently, there are 4 normal species (2 of which are hidden), and 8 event variants.

Shape and Size[]

The first unlockable Clownfish in the game: the Percula Clownfish.

The clownfish are among the smallest fish in Tap Tap Fish: Abyssrium. Their shape is relatively unassuming, with a tall-ish body tapering to a sharp point at the tail and a blunter one at their head. They have two dorsal fins, which, compared to the other fins on their bodies, are quite large. On their backs, near the head, is a small dorsal fin, followed close behind by a flatter adipose fin. All of the Normal and Fusion Clownfish share these traits, although the Event variants differ in various ways.


When placed in the tank, they will swim at a relatively fast pace, increasing in speed when the player taps their bubble for Vitality or Event currency, or sometimes for no reason at all. They almost never swim out of the player's normal field of view, although they will swim behind the Corallite. They tend to stick towards the bottom area of the tank.

Species and Variants[]

<tabber> Normal Species =

Percula Clownfish
Red Clownfish
Blue Clownfish
Snowflake Clownfish

|-| Fusion Species =

|-| Event Variants =

  • Pirate Clownfish
  • Balloon Clownfish
  • Mummy Clownfish
  • B.L.Tomato Clownfish
  • Rabbit Clownfish
  • Hot Air Balloon Clownfish
  • Beer Mug Clownfish
  • Candy Clownfish