Butterflies (not to be confused with Sea Butterflies) are a class of fish found in Tap Tap Fish: Abyssrium. Most of them are unlocked by owning any combination of 3 Dottybacks and owning Blue Cabbage Coral. They are the seventh class of fish available to the player in the Saltwater Tank, and 3 of them are required to unlock Parrotfish. There are currently 4 normal species (none of which are hidden), and 3 event variants.

Shape and Size

Butterflies are a relatively large fish, being somewhat triangular in shape. They are designed with many sharp angles throughout their body, unlike the soft curves of most fish. They are not very wide, much like other fish, but what they lack in width they make up for in height and length. They have very large dorsal and anal fins that blend into their body, giving them their triangular appearance. Their tail fins are relatively large compared to other fish, but their pectoral and pelvic fins are relatively small. Their facial features are not tiny, but still pretty diminutive.


Butterflies will swim freely around the upper and middle sections of the tank, disappearing to the sides of the player's field of view more often than not. They are pretty fast compared to other fish of similar size, and prefer to swim more laterally than vertically. They can somewhat control their speed, but they will swim the fastest if the player taps their bubble, like all other fish.

Species and Variants

<tabber> Normal Species=

Burgess Butterfly Raccoon Butterfly Triangle Butterfly Lined Butterfly

|-| Fusion Species=

Foureye Butterfly Longnose Butterfly Speckled Butterflyfish Zoster Butterflyfish
Copperband Butterflyfish Saddle Butterflyfish

|-| Event Variants=

Alice Butterfly Balloon Butterfly Bone Butterfly Gentleman Longnose Butterfly


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