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Angels (short for Angelfish) are a class of fish found in Tap Tap Fish: Abyssrium. Most of them are unlocked by owning 3 Damsels and owning They are the fifth class of fish available to the player in the Saltwater Tank, and 5 of them are required to unlock Dottybacks. There are currently 7 normal species (4 of which are hidden), and 10 event variants.

Shape & Size[]

Angels are a much larger fish than their predecessors, especially when their height is considered. Like most other fish of this size, they are very thin relative to their height and length. Their bodies are somewhat triangular, tapering to a point at their head and a flat back towards their tail. Each Angel has a distinct fin shape, but they all have dorsal, pectoral, pelvic, and anal fins of some persuasion. Their facial features consist of a small mouth and, as always, a beady, square, black eye on each side of their head, usually above and a little bit behind their mouth.


Angels, when placed into the tank, do not travel very far. They like to stick to the upper and middle areas of the tank, and will swim far above the Lonely Corallite, outside the player's range of view if they have a menu open. They will rarely, however, swim off the sides of the screen, and if they do, stay there for a very short time. They are relatively fast, and prefer to swim in small circles or loops repeatedly. As always, they will go much faster if the player taps their bubble for Event currency or Vitality.

Species & Variants[]

  • Bandit Angel
  • Lemon Peel Angel
  • Maze Angel
  • Panda Bicolor Angel
  • Watanabe Angel

Angelfish Gingerbread Angelfish Holly Angelfish Snowflake Angelfish Heart Angel
Gingerbread Angelfish 2018 Christmas.jpg
Holly Angelfish - 2017 Christmas.jpg
Snowflake Angelfish - 2017 Christmas.jpg
Heart Angel - Valentines.jpg
Retro Bicolor Angel Flower Angelfish Leaf Angelfish Spade Angelfish
Retro Bicolor Angelfish - 2020 Retro.jpg
Fall forest Angelfish - ? Halloween.jpg
Spade Angelfish - ? Wonderland.jpg
Sand Angelfish Spooky Angelfish
Sand Angelfish - ? Pirates?.jpg
Spooky Angelfish - 2017 Halloween.jpg


  • There are more hidden Angels than normal ones in the game, a trait shared by few other Tap Tap Fish: Abyssrium creatures.