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The Christmas Football Fish is a Football Fish that can be obtained in the 2016 Christmas Event and the Christmas Tank.


Like the Christmas Dumbo Octopus, the Christmas Football Fish is simply a Football Fish in a Santa uniform. It is mainly colored red, but has patches of white fluff at its borders (fins,tail, and face-hole). The Christmas Football Fish retains its default Football Fish lantern hanging from its head, and directly below the center of its head is a small, spherical, golden bell.


In the 2016 Christmas Event, the player had to own 10 different 2016 Christmas Event fish, and create it using 2000 Candy Canes. After that event expired, the player can still obtain it in the Christmas Tank by having a Chocolate Fondue Hot spring upgraded to Level 100 and sharing an Abyssmas Card of a Snowflake Parrotfish.