Camel Cowfish, is a friend boxfish in Abyssrium.

Unlock Edit

Share a picture of a boxfish 3 times.

Biology Edit

Camel Cowfish Frontal View

A Camel Cowfish

Camel cowfish are boxfish that live in the Indic Ocean, but also invaded the Mediterranean Sea via Lesseptian migration. Like other boxfish its flesh is poisonous. It received its name due the hump on its back, due this it's also called humpback turretfish, or thornbacked boxfish. Like other boxfish it's a very common pet, but it's difficult to keep.

Trivia Edit

  • In-game is said to share a picture of a blowfish three times, but because there's no blowfish in-game, is necessary to use triggerfish, boxfish or sea slugs.
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