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The Bone Fish is one of the skeleton fish in Tap Tap Fish: Abyssrium. It was first made available during the Halloween Event which ran from October 13th up to November 13th 2016. Although the event has since ended, it can be found in a Luck Shell.


The Bone Fish is unique to most fish in this game in the fact that it consists entirely of bones. They are a pure white color and arranged in a pattern, with a ribcage-like section making up its main body and smaller bones extending vertically from its top and bottom. Its skull is flat and triangular, with a large eye socket and a small, long lower jawbone.


During the 2016 Halloween Event, the player must first obtain 600 Candies and own 3 Ghost Fish. In the Halloween tank, it is the first fish that the player obtains (its sole requirement being to own the Witch's Hermit Crab Pot).