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Blue Whale, is a whale and a friend in Abyssrium.


To unlock the Blue Whale, the player must have Star Horn Coral and own at least 70 types of normal fish.

2 Blue Whales are required to fuse a Minke Whale, along with 180 clams, 125 urchins, 100 crabs and 75 krill.


Full-body view of a blue whale showing its titanic size.

The blue whale is best known for being the largest known animal that ever lived on Earth. Males can grow up to 30 m (98 ft), and females up to 36 (119 ft). Its heart is the size of a car, being so big that people can walk inside it! Despite their massive size, they feed mainly in small fish, krill, and zooplankton. Blue whales can be found in waters all over the world, the only exceptions being the Arctic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, Baltic Sea, and Persian Gulf.

In-Game Variants[]

Since the Blue Whale was first added into the game, there have been many, many variants added as part of events.

  • Ice Cream Whale (4th Anniversary Event)
  • Valkyrie Whale (2020 Viking Event)
  • Theme Park Whale (2020 Theme Park Event)
  • Sand Whale (2018 Ancient Egypt Event)
  • Wonderland Whale (2019 Wonderland Event)
  • Flower Whale
  • Tea Time Whale (Spring Event)
  • Retro Whale (2020 Retro Event)
  • Valentine Whale (Valentine's Event)
  • Baby Pink Whale (Valentine's Event)
  • Heart Whale (Valentine's Event)
  • Wedding Town Whale (Valentine's Event)
  • Snowflake Whale (2017 Christmas Event)
  • Gingerbread Whale (2018 Christmas Event)
  • Assortment Gifts Whale (2019 Christmas Event)
  • Bone Whale (2016 Halloween Event)
  • Halloween Whale (2017 Halloween Event)
  • Star Whale (2017 Fall Event)
  • Fall forest whale (2017 Fall Event)
  • Witches Forest Whale (2019 Halloween Event)
  • Parade Whale (3rd Anniversary Event)
  • Pirateship Whale (2018 Pirate Event)
  • Circus Float Whale (4th Anniversary Event)
  • Cake Whale (1st Anniversary Event)