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The Blue Tang is a species of Tang found in Tap Tap Fish: Abyssrium. They are the species listed on the Saltwater Tank's Normal Fish list, and the first Tang.


The Blue Tang is colored entirely blue, black, and bright yellow. Most of its body is blue, sometimes appearing purple in the water, with a simple pattern of black lines running down its upper part. Its fins are bright yellow at the tips, and blue everywhere else. Its tail fin is colored almost entirely yellow, save for its thin black border on its top and bottom.


To unlock the Blue Tang, the player must complete two requirements. They must unlock the Mysterious Starfish coral and obtain any combination of 5 Gobies. Any Goby will count towards the second requirement.

The Blue Tang can be used to reveal the Clown Tang.

The Blue Tang counts toward the Tang total, helping to unlock Damsels.


The Blue Tang, also referred to as a palette surgeonfish or a blue hippo tang, is a species of tang that can be found in most Indo-pacific waters[1]. They have been spotted off the coast of Australia, Samoa, Sri Lanka, Japan, and even East Africa. Its main diet consists of plankton and algae. When handled by fishermen in its common use as a bait fish, it can cause serious injury due to its sharp fins and caudal spines.


  • A Blue Tang appeared in Disney's Finding Nemo as the character Dory, who is a loveable fish suffering from short-term memory loss.