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The Blue Clownfish is a species of Clownfish found in Tap Tap Fish: Abyssrium. They are the third species listed on the Saltwater Tank's Normal Fish tab, and the first hidden fish in the list.


To unlock this hidden fish, the player must take 3 pictures of any Clownfish. You can take all 3 pictures of one species, or mix and match to your liking. If you have trouble with it, try taking 3 pictures of only the Percula Clownfish or saving all 3 images to your device.

2 Blue Clownfish are required, along with 50 Seaweed, to fuse a Juggalo Clownfish.

The Blue Clownfish counts towards the Clownfish total, helping to unlock Gobies.


An attempt by clownfish breeders to create a true, all blue clownfish back in early 2018.

No blue clownfish are known to exist, besides an April Fool's prank on an aquarium forum and a few photoshop submissions. However, an article was made in March 2018 that describes a clownfish breeder community's attempts to breed a true blue clownfish. No recent updates on the outcome of these breeding attempts are available. Therefore, the Blue Clownfish has no real life relatives to compare it to.


  • A video was uploaded in late October, 2017, by Youtube user "Frostbite The Bad*** Ice Carnotaurus" that depicts a blue clownfish named "Shark," but no actual evidence has been given as to whether or not this is a real blue clownfish


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