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The Blue Banded Goby is a species of Goby found in Tap Tap Fish: Abyssrium. They are the 6th species listed on the Saltwater Tank's Normal Fish list.


The Blue Banded Goby's body shape and size are almost identical to the Fire Goby, its only difference being the coloration. It is mostly a neutral yellow color, with 5 thin, vertical, blue stripes running down its body and a blue head. Its fins and tail fade from yellow at the bottom to neon blue at the top.


It is unlocked at the same time as the Fire Goby. The player needs to unlock Fresh Seaweed and have 5 Clownfish.

2 Blue Banded Gobies are required, along with 50 Seaweed and 10 Clams, to fuse a single Pretty Rose Goby.

The Blue Banded Goby counts towards the player's Goby total, helping to unlock Tangs.


A side view of a Blue-Banded Goby

Blue-Banded Goby are a species of Goby native to the Eastern Pacific, ranging from Monterey Bay to Northern Peru and the Gulf of California. They can be found hiding in the crevices of rocky reefs located in coastal waters, between the spines of sea urchins or inside the holes sea urchins create. This species, much like clownfish, has shown the ability to rapidly switch sexes. They live with a rather dense population in the areas they reside in, but are quite uncommon in any other area outside the Pacific. Despite this, commercial fishers haven't caught, purposefully or accidentally, any of these gobies and scientists believe they'll likely never be a species of concern in terms of population.


  • Its name is actually missing a hyphen in the game (It should read Blue-Banded Goby).
  • Unlike most fish who can only change once, these are one of the few recorded fish that can switch between sexes as much as they want and for any given reason, only taking days to accomplish.