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The Black Bar Chromis is a species of Damsel found in Tap Tap Fish: Abyssrium. They are the twenty-third species listed on the Saltwater Tank's Normal Fish list, and the fifth Damsel.


The Black Bar Chromis is colored mostly a lemon yellow. All of its fins, including its heavily serrated dorsal fin, are a translucent yellow. Above its eye is a small brown marking, and its lemon yellow body fades to a lighter yellow towards its hindquarters. The very back of its body, just before its tail fins, is black, separated from the rest of its body by a thin white line.


To unlock the Black Bar Chromis, the player must own 5 Tangs and own Pearly Anemone, therefore it is unlocked at the same time as the Black And Gold Damsel, Blue Fin Damsel, and the Bluegreen Chromis.

2 Black Bar Chromis are required to fuse a Red Chromis, along with 120 Seaweed and 40 Clams.

The Black Bar Chromis can be used to reveal the Cross Damsel.

The Black Bar Chromis counts toward the Damsel total, helping to unlock Angels.


The Black Bar Chromis is a fish often found in aquariums of many sizes. Its diet consists mostly of plankton and algae, however, if food is scarce, it will turn aggressive towards other members of its species[1]. In the wild, they are found around coral reefs, from the eastern coast of Africa to the Great Barrier Reef[2].