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The Black And Gold Damsel is a species of Damsel found in Tap Tap Fish: Abyssrium. They are the [Insert Manage Fish Position]* species listed on the Saltwater Tank's Normal Fish list, and the first Damsel.


The Black And Gold Damsel is, as its name suggests, colored entirely yellow and dark navy. Most of its body is yellow, the only exceptions being the two navy blue stripes running the length of its sides. The uppermost runs from its mouth to its tail fin, curving upwards as it does so. The lower stripe begins just below, almost touching, its eye, and runs almost flat along the body to the middle area of the tail fin. Its pectoral and pelvic fins, both a translucent shade of yellow, are positioned, respectively, on the lowermost blue line, a little behind the eye, and below its body, also behind the eye. Its nearly symmetrical adipose and anal fins are largely translucent yellow, but are bordered by the same color of yellow as the rest of its body.


To unlock the Black And Gold Damsel, the player must own 5 Tangs and unlock Pearly Anemone.

The Black And Gold Damsel can be used to reveal the Cross Damsel.

The Black And Gold Damsel counts toward the Damsel total, helping to unlock Angels.

2 Black And Gold Damsels are required to fuse a Green Chromis, along with 100 Seaweed, 20 Clams,and 5 Sea Urchins.


The Black and Gold Chromis n its natural habitat.

The Black and Gold Chromis, which the Black And Gold Damsel is based on, is found throughout the Indian and Pacific oceans, being spotted around such places as Hawaii, Australia, Indonesia, Japan, and many others. Its diet consists mainly of algae and crustaceans, as well as several varieties of tunicates[1]. Juveniles are occasionally found in aquariums, although with the delicate balance of conditions they need to survive, most people turn towards other species of fish.