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The Bicolor Angel is a species of Angel found in Tap Tap Fish: Abyssrium. They are the _th species listed on the Saltwater Tank's Normal Fish list, and the sseconf Angel


The Bicolor Angel is, as its name suggests, only two colors - yellow and black. The former is found on the front area of its body (including its head) and its tail, and the black is found on the back area of the body. Its dorsal and anal fins jut out behind its body, coming to charp points and giving the area between them a soft curve.


To unlock the Bicolor Angel, the player must own any combination of 3 Damsels and own Cactus Coral.

2 Bicolor Angels are required to fuse a Panda Bicolor Angel, along with 100 Seaweed and 40 Clams.

The Bicolor Angel can be used to reveal the French Angel and the Peppermint Angel.

The Bicolor Angel counts toward the Angel total, helping to unlock Dottybacks.


The Bicolor Angel is a fish found in the southern areas of Japan, the east coast of Africa, Fiji, and even Australia. Their habitat is mainly coral reefs and lagoons, and their diet consists of tunicates, sponges, algae, coral, and small crustaceans[1]. In the aquarium trade, due to their highly aggressive behavior, a large tank size is required, as well as many hiding places and a moderate level of care.