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The Bells Dumbo Octopus (sic) is a friend in Abyssrium, available in the 2017 Christmas Event and Christmas Tank.


The Bells Dumbo Octopus is mainly colored pale peach, although only its tentacles and some of its head are visible, as the rest of it is covered by a large bell, through which its ears stick out. This bell is golden colored, with a darker line around the bottom for decoration. Attached to the back of the bell is a sprig of holly, with three red berries in the center, and three dark green leaves fading to lighter green at their tips.


In the 2017 Christmas Event, you must create one Holly Seadragon with the event costume (Polar Bear Hat) equipped. This would unlock the Bells Dumbo Octopus, which was hidden for that event. It cost 1500 Candy Canes. In the Christmas Tank, it is no longer hidden, and obtained by getting the Happy House on the Hill and sharing one photo of the Christmas Dumbo Octopus.