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The Aloha Football Fish's main body is made up of a brown coconut with a bright white interior. Its white fins and tail protrude through this coconut, along with two bright green leaves above and below its tail. Its face is light yellow on the top and white on the bottom, with a tropical pink flower, with 4 petals fading to white at the center, on a long green stem, replacing the usual light of the Football Fish.


To obtain the Aloha Football Fish, the player must get it in the 2019 Tropical Event, or play in any event in the month of May. In the 2020 Viking Event, it could be obtained by fusing fish in the "Past Event Fish" menu. It can also be obtained through any of the three Luck Shells.

Tiny Luck Shell Luck Shell Big Luck Shell
0.37% 1.51% 0%