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The Achilles Tang is a species of Tang found in Tap Tap Fish: Abyssrium. They are the eleventh species listed on the Saltwater Tank's Normal Fish list, and the second Tang.


The Achilles Tang is mainly black, with orange and white highlights on its body. There is a thin orange stripe on the top and bottom of each side of it, culminating in a relatively large, teardrop-shaped orange marking near the base of its tail. Its tail is black with a bright orange line at its back edge. In a behind each of the Achilles Tang's barely visible eyes is a white, somewhat crescent-shaped semicircle.


To unlock the Achilles Tang, the player must collect any combination of 5 Gobies and own Mysterious Starfish. It is unlocked at the same time as the Blue Tang.

The Achilles Tang can be used to reveal the Clown Tang and Naso Tang.

The Achilles Tang counts toward the Tang total, helping to unlock Damsels.


A real-life Achilles Tang, showing its white and blue highlights not displayed in-game

The Achilles Tang is a species of surgeonfish native to various parts around Australia, Hawaii, Pitcairn, and sometimes the southern portions of Guatemala and Mexico[1]. They feed on plants most of the time (mainly algae), but in captivity, they will eat varieties of shrimp. At the end of the teardrop shape near their tail, there is an extremely sharp spine, posing a dangerous threat to people handling this fish.