Abyssrium Wikia

Update/Event Summary:

- Currency is Star Candy

- 26 New Event fish

- Fish from “Space 2019 amd 2020“ will be returning in the event fusion fish tab.

- Get 7 expansion items from completing the expansion mission.

- If you complete the 5 main missions, you will welcome a secret friend.

- New Shiba Inu event IAP

- Many Returning IAP’s

- Event costs at least 700-850.000A currency to complete, not including the farm materials for fusion.

Game/Price Changes


Event Items

Currency : Star Candy

- Costume : Space Sheriff  : 1.000A

- Dye : Moon Base : 200

- Theme : Infinite Space Sea : 500

New Shop Items / IAP's

Shiba Inu|$11.99 USD|One time 30% Life Creation Discount, Vitality Boost of 110%, Double current Event currency

Special Shiba Inu|$21.99 USD|Bonus 2500 Gems, Bonus 1000 Pearls, Bonus 50,000 Event currency, Double current Event currency, same discounts as regular.

Returning Shop Items / IAP's

- Baby Shark - Mommy Shark - Daddy Shark - White ticket with beluga - Black ticket with false killer whale

Event Quest

Access this Quest menu by clicking on the "new quest" button in the bottom left. This quest menu opens on its own each time a quest step is completed. Most of the steps cannot be completed until the quest unlocks, so you need to be a bit careful with your timing on this one.

All of the event menus are now compacted into one icon to save screen space. Finally.

Complete the Main Missions to unlock the final fish friend

Main missions

1| -

2| -

3| -

4| -

5| -

New Fish

1|Yellow Planet Sea Urchin|200

2|Red Planet Sea Urchin|200

3|Blue Planet Sea Urchin|?

4|Planet Sea Slug|?

5|Space Seahorse|?

6|Space Villain Dumbo Octopus|?

7|Space Transparent Sea Toad|?

8|Spade Villain Ray|?

9|Spaceship Hammerhead Shark|?

10|Night Sky Marlin|?

11|Spaceship Sunfish|?

12|Space Jellyfish|?

13|Space Battleship Whale|?

14|Robot Sea Butterfly ( event fusion )|1800 seaweed, 800 clams, 400 urchins, 300 crabs, 200 krill

New Hiding Fish


New Expansion Missions

The missions can be accessed by clicking on the Present in the bottom left corner. Remember that you cannot do missions ahead of the ‘unlock’ as it will not count it as completed. You must do it in order from 1-6

Expand unlocks

1| -

2| -

3| -

4| -

5| -

6| -

7| -

Fish Creation Event

This isnt worth the 100 pearl reward unless you really need them.

1| -

2| -

3| -

4| -

5| -

Hermit Crab

This is attached to the Event dye. When activated, the crab will dance. Charge up your crab by collecting “20” event currency from the event fish. Then click the timer icon above its head, and it will auto-generate currency for 60 sec. You can use the crab “infinite”times per day for free. It resets once every hour, or can be reset every 5 minutes by watching an ad.

Tap on the crab in between dances and he will dig up a treasure for you! Tap on the treasure chest bubble above his head to get your reward. This includes gems, event currency, and pearls!

Crab must be awake for it to work

If you don’t want to wait for the hermit crab to charge down the 5 min, you can save your game to the cloud, load the save and it should fast forward his time.

Your ad reward scales with your hermit crab level; once you are at level 10, you will get 1000 event currency per ad watch!

Hermit crab skill up cost

1|Free with purchase of Event Dye|200 per cast

2|500, own 5 event fish|400 per cast

3|900, own 10 event fish|600 per cast

4|1400, own 15 event fish|800 per cast

5|1800, own 20 event fish|1000 per cast

6|2400, own 25 event fish|1200 per cast

7|3600, own 30 event fish|1400 per cast

8|6800, own 35 event fish|1600 per cast

9|9000, own 40 event fish|1800 per cast

10|12,000, own 50 event fish|2000 per cast