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The 2021 New Year Event was added on January 5 2021 in update 1.31.0

The previous event fish that were eligible was the 2018 Ancient Egypt Event and the 2019 Circus Event

Event Fish (New/Old/IAP's)[]

New Event Fish[]

There was 16 new Event Fish added into the new update.

Name Requirements Cost (Daifuku)
Traditional Patterned Angelfish 2021 New Year Event Limited 200
Lucky Sea Bag Own 3 Traditional Patterned AngelFish 500
Traditional Patterned Guppy Place 'Gray Traditional Pattern Tile' 1 time 1,000 A
Mandolin Puffer Create 3 Trainee Sea Pigs 1.500 A?
Sage Blobfish Watch AD and get Daifuku 10 times 2,000 A?
Traditional Patterned Nautilus Take a picture of 'Traditional Patterned Tile' 1 time 2,000-2,500 A?
Celestial Seahorse Place 'Garden Lotus Leaf Lantern' 1 time 3,000 A
Taro Leaf Digging Frog Hatch Common Egg 2 Times 4,000-5,000 A?
Lantern Carp Own 5 Taro Leaf Digging Frogs 6,000 A?
Traditional Patterned JellyFish Place 'Garden Bamboo' 2 times 9,000 A
Noble Seal Own 5 Traditional Patterned Jellyfish 12,000 A
Traditional Patterned Ray Use 300 Krill 15,000 A
Traditional Patterned Shark Own 12 Species of Event Fish

Own 100 Event Fish

20,000 A
Traditional Patterned Whale Complete all quests 100,000 A

Old Event Fish[]

The previous event fish were Circus 2019 and Egypt 2018 events.

Name From Event Fish Required
Sand Angelfish Egypt 2 Traditional Patterned Angelfish
Jester Idol Circus 2 Traditional Patterned Angelfish
Ancient Spadefish Egypt 2 Lucky Sea Bag
Parade Chromis Circus 2 Lucky Sea Bag
Juvenile Harlequin Sweetlips Egypt 2 Traditional Patterned Guppy
Circus Trainee Sea Pig Circus 2 Traditional Patterned Guppy
Cactus Puffer Egypt 2 Mandolin Puffers
Jester Cowfish Circus 2 Mandolin Puffers
Sand Cuttlefish Egypt 2 Sage Blobfish
Parade Band Nautilus Circus 2 Sage Blobfish
Pharaoh Seahorse Egpyt 2 Traditional Patterned Nautilus
Feather Hat Sea Slug Circus 2 Traditional Patterned Nautilus
Pharaoh Dumbo Egpyt 2 Celestial Seahorse
Cactus Jellyfish Egypt 2 Celestial Seahorse
Cactus Ray Egpyt 2 Celestial Seahorse


Others (Costume/Expand/IAP's/ETC.)[]