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The Brave Vikings was an event in Tap Tap Fish: Abyssrium which was active from May 5th to June 6th, 2020. Its version of the event currency was Popcorn, and they were obtainable by means of the Hermit Crab and tapping on fish bubbles.

Costume - "Exciting Corgi Hat".

Dye - "Abyss Train".

Theme - "Exciting FantaSea".

- This event added a total of 17 new event fish. 15 are obtainable through normal event gameplay and 2 though the IAP shop. The fish from x event are also returning as event fusion fish, along with the Nessie

Main Missions

1. Delicious Snack

- Create 3 Fish-shapes Buns

2. Beauty of Hexagon

- Place 1 of each Hexagon Expansion Tile

3. Theme Park Staff

- Own 5 Staff Seahorse

- Own 5 Staff Octopus

4. Moment to Remember

- Take 1 photo of Souvenir Booth Expansion

- Own 5 Frog Families

5. Theme Park Star

- Own 3 Theme Park Whales

4th Anniversary Dessert Party Fish
Name Cost (Popcorn)
Fish-shaped Bun 200
Popcorn Footballfish 200
Visitor Sea-pig 500
Bumper Car Dumbo Octopus 500
Staff Seahorse 800
Hot Air Balloon Clownfish 800
Staff Octopus 2000
Frog Family 5000
Mad Tea Cup Jellyfish 5000
Pilot Monk Seal 8000
Souvenir Dolphin 8000
Staff Shark 10000
Visitor Crocodile 12,000
Theme Park Whale 18,000

Past Circus Event Fish
Name Raw Material Fish Required Cost (Farm Materials)
50 Seaweed
100 Seaweed
100 Seaweed
150 Seaweed
50 Clams
100 Clams
200 Seaweed, 200 Clams
100 Sea Urchins
150 Sea Urchins
200 Clams, 300 Sea Urchins
200 Crabs
300 Seaweed, 250 Crabs

New Extension Items
Gray Hexagon Tile
Missing Fish
Cyan-Blue Hexagon Tile
Missing Fish
Pale Red Hexagon Tile
Missing Fish
Ticket Booth
Missing Fish
Souvenir Booth
Missing Fish
Hammer Game Machine
Missing Fish
Mad Tea Party
Missing Fish
Viking Ship Ride
Missing Fish

New IAPs
Missing Fish

New Hiding Fish
Flame Hawkfish
Missing Fish
Ring Tailed Cardinalfish
Missing Fish
Stocky Anthias
Missing Fish
Checkerboard Wrasse
Missing Fish
Cookiecutter Shark
Missing Fish
Viper Dogfish
Missing Fish
Spectacled Parrotfish
Missing Fish
Bicolor Parrotfish
Missing Fish
Mandarin Dogfish
Missing Fish
Night Shark
Missing Fish
Gold Sea Slug
Missing Fish
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