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Event Info[]

The 2020 Mid-summer Farm Event was an event in Tap Tap Fish: Abyssrium that lasted from August 3rd to September 2nd, 2020. Its version of the event currency was Carrots, and they were obtainable by means of the Hermit Crab.

Costume - "Satisfied Farmer". Dye - "Rich Farm". Theme - "Sunny Noon Sea".

- This event added a total of 21 new event fish. 15 are obtainable through normal event gameplay, 1 through farm materials, 1 through Luck Shells and 4 though the IAP shop.

- Another Bingo menu appeared along with the event, with various tasks for the player to complete.

4th Anniversary Dessert Party Missions

1. Fresh Vegetables - Own 3 Lettuce Spadefish

2. Tile Installation - Place 1 Whitestone tile extension, place 1 Darkstone Tile extension

3. Farm Family

- Tap 30 hard-working frog bubbles

- Create 3 farmer octopus

- Own 3 Orchard Penguins

4. Farm Pump Installation

- Place 1 Farm Pump extension

5. The End of Beauty

- Own 3 Dairy Cow Dugongs

- Use 150,000 carrots

4th Anniversary Dessert Party Fish
Name Requirements Cost (Macaron)
Carrot Tang Only available during the event period. 200
Lettuce Spadefish Buy 3 Carrot Tangs 200
Turnip Boxfish Fuse 3 new Honey Bee Goby 500
Onion Dumbo Octopus Get Carrots by watching ads 15 times 800
Corn Flying Fish Use 300 Clams 800
Farm Assistant Axolotl Fuse 10 past event fish 2,000
Worker Frog Place Farm Tools expansion item twice 2000
Farmer Octopus Fuse 3 new Golden Key Seahorse 2000
Orchard Penguin Share photo of "Farm Rocking Chair" 5000
Baby Eggplant Beluga Upgrade Hermit Crab to level 8 8000
Vegetable Field Manta Ray Own 3 Nepenthes Gulper Eel 10000
Straw Pile Saltwater Crocodile Create 12 SPECIES of past-event Fusion Fish 12000
Dairy Cow Dugong Own all prior fish in this list,

Own 80 Farm event fish

Farm Village Whale Complete the Farm Event Quest 20000
Straw Hat Chick Medium/Large Luck Shell 100/200 Pearls
Farm Donkey (Event Fusion) Own 2 Farm Village Whale ?

Past Circus Event Fish
Name Raw Material Fish Required Cost (Farm Materials)
Lemon Puffer 2 Carrot Tang 50 Seaweed
Aloha Dumbo 2 Lettuce Spadefish 100 Seaweed
Aloha Blobfsh 2 Turnip Boxfish 100 Seaweed
Tropical Seahorse 2 Onion Dumbo Octopus 150 Seaweed
Vacation Octopus 2 Farm Assistant Axolotl 50 Clams
Vacation Starfish 2 Worker Frog 100 Clams
Flamingo Tube Nautilus 2 Farmer Octopus 150
Tropical Seadragon 2 Orchard Penguin 200 Seaweed, 200 Clams
Vacation Frog 2 Baby Eggplant Beluga 100 Sea Urchins
Cocktail Bar Ray 2 Vegetable Field Manta Ray 150 Sea Urchins
Island Shark 2 Straw Pile Saltwater Crocodile 200 Clams, 300 Sea Urchins
Dream Catcher Jellyfish 2 Dairy Cow Dugong 200 Crabs
Tropical Whale 2 Farm Village Whale 300 Seaweed, 250 Crabs
Aloha Nessie ? ?

New Extension Items
Whitestone Tile
Missing Fish.png
Darkstone Tile
Missing Fish.png
Farm Fence
Missing Fish.png
Farm Supplies
Missing Fish.png
Farm Rocking Chair
Missing Fish.png
Farm Rocking Chair
Missing Fish.png
Farm Pump
Missing Fish.png
Farm Warehouse
Missing Fish.png

New IAPs
Border Collie
Missing Fish.png
Happy Puffin subscription
Missing Fish.png
Soda Pack
Missing Fish.png
Special Soda Pack
Missing Fish.png

Link to all Event Extension Items

New Hiding Fish
Blue Devil Fish
Missing Fish.png
Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasse
Missing Fish.png
Philippine Butterflyfish
Missing Fish.png
Stripey fish
Missing Fish.png
Bicolor Goatfish
Missing Fish.png
Yellowfin Goatfish
Missing Fish.png
Blue-Striped Chub
Missing Fish.png
Humpback Batfish
Missing Fish.png
Port Jackson Shark
Missing Fish.png
Pelagic Thresher Shark
Missing Fish.png
Gold Footballfish
Missing Fish.png