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The 2020 Farm Event was an event in Tap Tap Fish running from August 7th, 2020 to N/A. Its version of the event currency was Carrots, and they were produced by means of the Lettuce Hermit Crab. The past event fish it reintroduced as fusion fish were from multiple events, picked only because they revolved around a plant theme. <tabber> 4th Anniversary Dessert Party Fish =

Farm Event Fish
Name Requirements Cost (Carrots)
Carrot Tang Only available during the event period. 200
Lettuce Spadefish Obtain 3 Carrot Tangs. 200
Turnip Boxfish Fuse 3 Honeybee Gobies. 500
Onion Dumbo Octopus Watch 15 ads to get free Carrots. 800
Corn Flying Fish Use 300 Clams during the event period. 800
Farm Assistant Axolotl Fuse 10 past event fish. 2000
Worker Frog Place the Farm Tools extension twice. 2000
Farmer Octopus Fuse 3 Golden Key Seahorses. 2000
Orchard Penguin Share 1 picture of the Farm Rocking Chair extension. ???
Baby Eggplant Beluga Upgrade the Lettuce Hermit Crab to Level 8. 8000
Vegetable Garden Manta Ray Fuse 3 Nepenthes Gulper Eels. ???
Straw Pile Saltwater Crocodile Fuse 12 past event fish. ???
Dairy Cow Dugong Own all 12 species of 2020 Farm Event fish, and own 120 total 2020 Farm Event fish. ???
Farm Village Whale Complete all 5 stages of the Expand quest. 100000
Cake Town Nessie Complete all 5 parts of the Expand quest. 100000

|-| Fuseable Past Event Fish =

Past Circus Event Fish
Name Raw Material Fish Required Cost (Farm Materials)
Honeybee Goby 2 Carrot Tangs 50 Seaweed
Leaf Tang 2 Lettuce Spadefish 100 Seaweed
Lemon Puffer 2 Turnip Boxfish 150 Seaweed
Leaf Angelfish 2 Onion Dumbo Octopuses 50 Clams
Cactus Puffer 2 Onion Dumbo Octopuses 50 Clams
Aloha Football Fish 2 Corn Flying Fish 100 Clams
Leaf Sea Slug 2 Corn Flying Fish 100 Clams
Garden Dumbo Octopus 2 Farm Assistant Axolotls 150 Clams
Damdelion Seapig 2 Farm Assistant Axolotls 150 Clams
Golden Key Seahorse 2 Worker Frogs 200 Seaweed, 200 Clams
Tropical Seadragon 2 Farmer Octopuses 100 Sea Urchins
Cactus Jellyfish 2 Farmer Octopuses 150 Sea Urchins
Half Rose Jellyfish 2 Orchard Penguins 150 Sea Urcins
Nepenthes Gulper Eel 2 Baby Eggplant Belugas 300 Clams, 300 Sea Urchins
Cactus Ray 2 Vegetable Garden Manta Rays 300 Clams, 300 Sea Urchins
Garden Turtle 2 Straw Pile Saltwater Crocodiles 200 Crabs
Leaf Shark 2 Dairy Cow Dugongs 300 Seaweed, 250 Crabs
Garden SpermWhale 2 Farm Village Whales 300 Krill
Farm Donkey 2 Farm Village Whales 1500 Seaweed, 800 Clams, 300 Sea Urchins, 200 Crabs, 100 Krill