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Event Info[]

The Brave Vikings was an event in Tap Tap Fish: Abyssrium which was active in June 2nd to July 3rd, 2020. Its version of the event currency was Meat, and they are obtainable by means of the Hermit Crab and tapping on fish bubbles.

Costume - "Descendant of the Viking".

Dye - "Viking Village".

Theme - "Viking Sea Theme".

- This event added a total of 17 new event fish. 15 are obtainable through normal event gameplay and 2 though the IAP shop. The fish from x event are also returning as event fusion fish, along with the Nessie

Brave Vikings Main Missions

1. Runic Letter

- Own 3 Runestone Tangs

2. Here comes the Vikings!

- Tap Viking Giant Isopod bubbles 15 times

- Share picture of Viking Footballfish

- Own 5 Viking Sea Urchins

3. Odin's Visit

- Take 3 photos of the Odin Penguin

- Place 1 Viking Altar extension

4. Welcoming Party

- Use 50,000 Meat

- Own 5 Viking Axe Rays

5. Viking Ship Sails

- Own 5 Viking Ship Seahorses

4th Anniversary Dessert Party Fish
Name Requirements Cost (Macaron)
RuneStone Tang Equip event theme 200
Beer Mug Clownfish Use hermit crab skill 3 times 200
Viking giant Isopod Place yellow rune extension 500
Viking Footballfish Share 2 photos of red rune extension 500
Viking Sea Urchin Take 1 photo of Blue rune extension 800
Warrior Boreal Digging Frog Use 150 sea urchins 800
Dragon Gulper Eel Create 15 previous fish from the event fusion 2000
Warrior Arowana Place 2 Needle Fir extensions (buy a second one) 5000
Viking Otter Own 5 Warrior Arowanas 5000
Odin Penguin Create 5 Treasure map Barracudas (event fusion) 8000
Wizard Octopus Reach hermit crab level 10 8000
Bannerman Narwhal Create 5 Admiral Basking sharks (event fusion) 10000
Viking Axe Ray Share 1 photo of Viking Hut extension 12,000
Viking Ship Seahorse Own 13 species of new event fish. Own 100 new event fish 18,000
Abyssal Kraken (returning fish) Create 15 event whales 100,000
Aloha Nessie (returning fish) Create 20 fish from previous events (event fusion) 100,000, Max of 2
Valkyrie Whale Complete the main missions 100,000

Past Circus Event Fish
Name Raw Material Fish Required Cost (Farm Materials)
50 Seaweed
100 Seaweed
100 Seaweed
150 Seaweed
50 Clams
100 Clams
200 Seaweed, 200 Clams
100 Sea Urchins
150 Sea Urchins
200 Clams, 300 Sea Urchins
200 Crabs
300 Seaweed, 250 Crabs

New Extension Items
Yellow Runestone
Missing Fish.png
Red Runestone
Missing Fish.png
Blue Runestone
Missing Fish.png
Prow Decoration
Missing Fish.png
Needle Fir
Missing Fish.png
Viking Altar
Missing Fish.png
Viking Hut
Missing Fish.png

New IAPs
Baby Valkyrie Whale
Missing Fish.png
Siamese Cat
Missing Fish.png

New Hiding Fish
Lance Blenny
Missing Fish.png
Persian Blenny
Missing Fish.png
Pygmy Shark
Missing Fish.png
Rainbow Seaperch
Missing Fish.png
Epaulette Surgeonfish
Missing Fish.png
Blue Tang Surgeonfish
Missing Fish.png
Longfin Batfish
Missing Fish.png
Crocodile Shark
Missing Fish.png
Atlantic Wolffish
Missing Fish.png
Star Starspotted Smooth-hound
Missing Fish.png
Gold Marlin
Missing Fish.png