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The 2020 4th Anniversary Dessert Party Event was an event in Tap Tap Fish: Abyssrium that lasted from July 2nd to August 3rd, 2020. Its version of the event currency was Macarons, and they were obtainable by means of the Chocolate Dessert Hermit Crab.

Costume - "Happy 4-years old Coralite" Dye - "Sweet and Sour Dessert" Theme - "4th Anniversary Sea Festival".

- This event added a total of 21 new event fish. 15 are obtainable through normal event gameplay, 1 through farm materials, 1 through Luck Shells and 4 though the IAP shop.

- A Bingo menu appeared along with the event, with various tasks for the player to complete.

4th Anniversary Dessert Party Missions

1. Cool Summer

- Tap 5 bubbles from the Ice Pop Tetra

2. Sweet Festival

- Place 1 White Chocolate Cookie Extension

- Own 5 Swiss Roll Sea Slugs

3. Donut Love

- Own 5 Donut Sea Pigs

- Place 2 Donut Tree Extensions

4. Dessert Ingredient Preparation

- Use 200 Krill

5. Visit of a Spring Fairy

- Own 5 Ice Cream Whales

- Own 1 Spring Fairy

- Use 50,000 Macarons

4th Anniversary Dessert Party Fish
Name Requirements Cost (Macaron)
Candy Clownfish Only available during the event period. 200
Ice Pop Tetra Obtain 5 Candy Clownfish. 200
Pretzel Spadefish Fuse 3 Jester Idols 500
Swiss Roll Sea Slug Use 500 Seaweed during the event period. 800
Donut Sea Pig Fuse 10 fish from the Circus Event 800
Croissant Crab Fuse 3 Jester Cowfish. 800
Soft Serve Cuttlefish Complete 3 Bingo Lines. 2000
Sausage Roll Parrotfish Share 3 pictures of the Soft Serve Cuttlefish. 2000
Macaron Turtle Fuse 3 Jester Frogs. 5000
Baby Cookie Killer Whale Take 3 pictures of a Circus Trainee Cuttlefish. 8000
Pancake Ray Create 3 Jester Dumbos 10000
Frappé Dolphin Place 2 Cupcake House extensions. 12000
Lemon Cake Shark Complete 7 Bingo Lines. 18000
Ice Cream Whale Own all 13 species of 2020 4th Anniversary Dessert Party Event fish, and own 120 total 2020 4th Anniversary Dessert Party Event fish. 20000
Feather Mask Cuttlefish Fuse 10 different species of Circus Event fish. 100000
Cake Town Nessie Complete all 5 parts of the Expand quest. 100000

Past Circus Event Fish
Name Raw Material Fish Required Cost (Farm Materials)
Jester Idol 2 Ice Pop Tetras 50 Seaweed
Parade Chromis 2 Pretzel Spadefish 100 Seaweed
Circus Trainee Sea Pig 2 Swiss Roll Sea Slugs 150 Seaweed
Jester Cowfish 2 Donut Sea Pigs 50 Clams
Parade Band Nautilus 2 Croissant Crabs 100 Clams
feather hat sea slug 2 Soft Serve Cuttlefish 150
Jester Frog 2 Sausage Roll Parrotfish 200 Seaweed, 200 Clams
Circus Trainee Cuttlefish 2 Macaron Turtles 100 Sea Urchins
Jester Dumbo 2 Baby Cookie Killer Whales 150 Sea Urchins
Circus Trainee Monk Seal 2 Pancake Rays 200 Clams, 300 Sea Urchins
Ringmaster Penguin 2 Frappé Dolphins 200 Crabs
Parade Ray 2 Lemon Cake Sharks 300 Seaweed, 250 Crabs
Circus Float Whale 2 Ice Cream Whales 300 Krill

New Extension Items
Dark Chocolate Cookie
Missing Fish
White Chocolate Cookie
Missing Fish
Macaron Tower
Missing Fish
Donut Tree
Missing Fish
Cupcake House
Missing Fish

New IAPs
Foodie Pug
Missing Fish
Baby Narwhal
Missing Fish
Baby Manta Ray
Missing Fish
Baby Whale Shark
Missing Fish

Link to all Event Extension Items

New Hiding Fish
Blackfin Coral Goby
Missing Fish
Whitecap Goby
Missing Fish
Yellowbanded Red Weever
Missing Fish
Red Spotted Sand Perch
Missing Fish
Purple Reef Lobster
Missing Fish
Yellow Lobster
Missing Fish
Spotted Oceanic Triggerfish
Missing Fish
Yellow Margin Triggerfish
Missing Fish
Short Beaked Common Dolphin
Missing Fish
Indo Pacific Humpback Dolphin
Missing Fish
Gold Footballfish
Missing Fish
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