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The 2018 Pirate Event was an in-game event that occurred in the month of June 2018. It introduced new currency (Gold Coins), many new fish, and new costumes and dyes.

2018 Pirate Event fish
Name Requirements Cost (Gold Coins)
Pirate Clownfish Only available during the 2018 Pirate Event 200
Secret Letterfish Only available during the 2018 Pirate Event 200
Gold Key Seahorse Activate the Oak Barrel Hermit Crab's skill 10 times with the event costume equipped 500
Rum Barrel Parrotfish Tap the Oak Barrel Hermit Crab to get treasure 3 times with the event dye equipped 500
Compass Sea Turtle Watch 10 ads to obtain Gold Coins 750
Lobster Hook Obtain 10 2018 Pirate Event creatures 750
Treasurebag Jellyfish Obtain 5 Lobster Hooks 1200
Treasure Map Barracuda Obtain Gold Coins by tapping on Treasurebag Jellyfish 200 times 1500
Admiral Basking Shark (originally Admiral Megamouse) Obtain 20 2018 Pirate Event creatures 2500
Sea Chart Manta Ray Share 3 pictures of the Admiral Basking Shark with the event dye equipped 5000
Pilot Saltwater Crocodile Obtain 3 Sea Chart Manta Rays 8000
Captain Edward Dumbo Obtain 3 of each type of 2018 Pirate Event creatures 12000
Pirateship Whale Obtain every 2018 Pirate Event creature 18000
Abyssal Kraken Complete the treasure map side quest, then capture a picture of the Abyssal Kraken when it appears. 100000