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The Ancient Egypt Event was an event that occurred in the game in May 2018. It introduced a new, temporary event currency (Ankhs), 14 new animals, and new costumes and dyes. Although it is not a recurring event, its fish could be obtained through the Theme Park Event in May 2020.

2018 Ancient Egypt Event fish
Name Requirements Cost (Ankhs)
Sand Angelfish Only available during the event period. 200
Ancient Spadefish Only available during the event period. 200
Juvenile Harlequin Sweetlips Watch 10 ads to get Ankhs. 500
Cactus Puffer Share 3 pictures of the Slumbering Hermit Crab with the event dye equipped. 500
Sand Cuttlefish Obtain 5 Sand Angelfish. 750
Ancient Seahorse Obtain 5 Ancient Spadefish. 750
Pharaoh Dumbo With the event costume on, create 3 Ancient Seahorse. 1200
Cactus Jellyfish Obtain 15 Ancient Egypt Event creatures. 1500
Cactus Ray Get Ankhs from the Cactus Jellyfish 300 times. 3000
Ancient Coleocanth Take 3 pictures of a Cactus Ray with the event costume equipped. 5000
Sand Tiger Shark Obtain 25 Ancient Egypt Event creatures. 6000
Ancient Manta Ray Obtain 35 Ancient Egypt Event creatures. 8000
Ancient Killer Whale Create one Ancient Manta Ray after activating the Level 10 Slumbering Hermit Crab. 10000
Sand Whale Obtain all 13 Ancient Egypt Event creatures. 18000

Hermit Crab[]

The main source of the Ankhs was the Slumbering Hermit Crab. It was "activated" by collecting 20 Ankhs from fish (from the bubbles that appeared over them). Once activated, it produced one minute of mass production of Ankhs. It could also be leveled up with Ankhs, reaching a maximum level of 10. With each level, it increased the amount of Ankhs it produced by 1 (e.g. at level 2, it would mass produce Ankhs counted by 2, etc.) It could do this only 10 times per day. As seen in the chart above, these ankhs were required to buy the new event fish.