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Event Info[]

Valentines is an event in Tap Tap Fish: Abyssrium which was currently active in 2017. Its version of the event currency is Rainbows, and they were obtainable by tapping on fish bubbles.

Costume - "Cupid of Love".

Dye - "Rose Garden".

Theme - "Night of Valentine’s Day".

- This event added a total of 3 new event fish. 14 are obtainable through normal event gameplay and 1 though the IAP shop.

New Event Fish
Name Requirements Cost (Macaron)
Heart Angel None 300
Pink Juvenile Pinnate Spadefish 600
Heart Seadragon 900
Pink Striped Marlin 1200
Giftbox Turtle 20 Valentine’s day fish needed 1800
Pink Jellyfish 3 Pink Striped Marlin required 2400
Heart Ray 40 Valentine’s Day Fish required 3600
Heart Whale Own all 11 Normal Event Fish 6000

Hidden Fish
Name Raw Material Fish Required Cost (x)
Pink Grouper Watch Event ads for candy 10 times 600
Giftbox Dumbo Octopus Play for 2 hours 14 minutes 1500
Giftbox Dolphin Tap the gift box icon next to “Friendship points” in the Facebook Friends feature 50 times 3000
Pink Whale Shark ‘Share’ photos of 10 species of Valentine’s day fish 4800

New Extension Items
Emerald Tile
Missing Fish.png
Witch Hat
Missing Fish.png
Oz Reward
Missing Fish.png
Emerald City Model
Missing Fish.png
Munchkin House
Missing Fish.png
Dorothy’s House
Missing Fish.png

New IAPs
Heart SunFish
Missing Fish.png