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The 2017 Fall Event was an in-game, limited time event running through the month of September 2017. Its form of the event currency was Maple Leaves, and 16 new fish were introduced into the game. Although the event is over, its fish can still be purchased in the Halloween Tank.

2017 Fall Event fish
Name Requirements Cost (Leaves)
Fall Forest Fairy Fish Only available during the event period. 300
Star Sickle Fish Only available during the event period. 300
Star Striped Marlin Get Maple Leaves from ads 15 times, then follow the requirements for the Striped Marlin. 600
Fall Forest Dumbo Octopus Own 5 Fall Forest Fairy Fish. 900
Star Turtle Own 5 Star Sickle Fish. 900
Light Jellyfish Share a picture of the Star Striped Marlin 3 times. 1200
Fall Forest Football Fish Own 20 2017 Fall Event fish, along with 5 Light Jellyfish. 1800
Star Dolphin Own 30 2017 Fall Event fish. 1800
Star Ray Share a picture of the Star Dolphin 3 times with the Starry Fall Night theme equipped. 2400
Fall Forest Ray Own 40 2017 Fall Event fish. 3000
Fall Forest Narwhal Share a picture of the Fall Forest Ray 3 times with the Maple Fashion costume equipped. 3600
Star Ocean Sunfish Collect 200 Maple Leaves from the Star Ray. 3000
Fall Forest Whale Own 12 different 2017 Fall Event fish. 4800
Star Whale Own 5 Fall Forest Whales. 6000