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Event Info[]

Christmas was an event in Tap Tap Fish: Abyssrium which was active in 2016. Its version of the event currency was Candy Canes, and they were obtainable by means of tapping on fish bubbles.

Costume - "Santa Outfit". Dye - "x". Theme - "x".

Rudolph - Required for Polar Bear

Christmas Potion - Displays presents on the screen, required for the Walrus

Night of Christmas - Underwater Snow

- This event added a total of 12 new event fish. 11 are obtainable through normal event gameplay and 1 though the IAP shop.

New Event Fish
Name Requirements Cost (x)
Snowflake Angelfish Equip Event Costume? 500
Christmas Yellow Tang ? 200
Christmas Football Fish Own 10 Christmas Event Fish 2000
Christmas Dumbo Octopus Own 3 Christmas Football Fish 3000
Snowflake Dolphin Collect 8 kinds of Christmas event fish 5000
Christmas Dolphin Own 30 Christmas Event Fish 6000
Snowflake Whale Collect all 11 other Christmas species 10,000

Hidden Fish
Name Raw Material Fish Required Cost (x)
Baby Penguin Tap with two fingers at once, 100 times 2000
Walrus Share a photo of Christmas tree 5 times 2500
Emperor Penguin Use the camera to stay focused on a Baby Penguin for 1 minute 4000
Polar Bear Share 3 photos of Coralite in Rudolf costume 8000

Snowflake Whale
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