Abyssrium Wikia

IAP Packages[]

Click on the star icon in the bottom left to access the IAP creature shop

Sea Urchin Hamster Package $4.99

  • Red Shell x25
  • Green Shell x25
  • Yellow Shell x25
  • Blue Shell x25
  • Pearl x200
  • Sea Urchin Hamster Piece x10

Shark Border Collie $17.99

  • Blue Scale x500
  • Pearl x1000
  • Shark Border Collie Piece x20

Starfish Meow Package $64.99

  • Vitality x25,000
  • AO x 40,000
  • Coral Fragment x2000
  • Seaweed Fragment x2000
  • Pearl x2000
  • Starfish Meow Piece x20